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Исполнитель Песня Номер
A Nothing 92859
A Great Big World & Aguilera, Christina Say Something 54121
A Teens Around The World 92777
A Teens Bouncing Off The Ceiling 93603
A Teens Halfway Around The World 93604
A Teens Land Of Make Believe 92824
A1 Caught In The Middle 92811
A1 Everytime 92296
A1 Like A Rose 92390
A1 Make It Good 92890
A1 No More 92613
A1 Ready Or Not 92805
A1 Same Old Brand New You 92576
A1 Summertime Of Our Lives 92187
A1 Take On Me 92553
Aaliyah I Don't Wanna 92578
Aaliyah More Than A Woman 92763
Aaliyah One In A Million 43107
Aaliyah Try Again 95097
Aaliyah & Timberland We Need A Resolution 92708
ABBA Angeleyes 54235?
ABBA As Good As New 94001
ABBA Chiquitita 93711
ABBA Dancing Queen 53094?
ABBA Does Your Mother Know 54232?
ABBA Fernando 54233?
ABBA Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 54002?
ABBA Happy New Year 56708
ABBA Hasta Manana 94172
ABBA Head Over Heels 94063
ABBA Honey, Honey 54234?
ABBA I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 54218?
ABBA I Have A Dream 54226?
ABBA Knowing Me, Knowing You 54227?
ABBA Mamma Mia 90415
ABBA Money, Money, Money 56701?
ABBA One Of Us 55163
ABBA Ring, Ring 54222?
ABBA Rock Me 94181
ABBA So Long 54236?
ABBA SOS 56422?
ABBA Summer Night City 94147
ABBA Super Trouper 56702?
ABBA Take A Chance On Me 91470
ABBA Thank You For The Music 56703?
ABBA The Name Of The Game 54219?
ABBA The Winner Takes It All 54237?
ABBA Voulez-Vous 94208
ABBA Waterloo 90360
Abbot, Russ Atmosphere 90423
ABC All Of My Heart 91227
ABC Poison Arrow 95076
ABC The Look Of Love 91657
ABC When Smokey Sings 95048
Abdul, Paula Cold Hearted 94262
Abdul, Paula Opposites Attract 91679
Abdul, Paula Rush Rush 90543
Abdul, Paula Straight Up 90001
Abdul, Paula The Promise Of A New Day 94238
Abdul, Paula Will You Marry Me 94312
Abrams, Colonel Trapped 92124
Abs 7 Ways 93196
Abs Little Miss Perfect 93159
Abs What You Got 92945
AC/DC Back In Black 54448
AC/DC Big Balls 94327
AC/DC Big Gun 51493
AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 54687?
AC/DC For Those About To Rock 54688?
AC/DC Girls Got Rhythm 54689?
AC/DC Hard As A Rock 57615?
AC/DC Have A Drink On Me 58808
AC/DC Heatseeker 96267
AC/DC Hells Bells 54461?
AC/DC Highway To Hell 52619?
AC/DC It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) 55920
AC/DC Let There Be Rock 57617?
AC/DC Moneytalks 57618?
AC/DC Problem Child 94559
AC/DC Ride On 57619?
AC/DC Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution 57845?
AC/DC Rock Or Bust 54356
AC/DC Rocker 57846
AC/DC Safe In New York City 57847?
AC/DC Shoot To Thrill 58491?
AC/DC Sin City 58064
AC/DC Sink The Pink 94359
AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip 92393
AC/DC T.N.T. 57628?
AC/DC Thunderstruck 54449?
AC/DC Who Made Who 54462?
AC/DC Whole Lotta Rosie 94341
AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long 58065?
Ace How Long 90328
Ace of Base All That She Wants 55921?
Ace of Base Always Have Always Will 91950
Ace of Base Angel Of Harlem 94653
Ace of Base Beautiful Life 56465?
Ace of Base Cruel Summer 94603
Ace of Base Dancer In A Daydream 51255
Ace of Base Don't Turn Around 94563
Ace of Base Happy Nation 43482
Ace of Base Life Is A Flower 91849
Ace of Base Living In Danger 90149
Ace of Base Love For Sale 46644
Ace of Base Lucky Love 94587
Ace of Base Never Gonna Say I'm So Sorry 94673
Ace of Base The Sign 90079
Adamo, Salvatore C'est Ma Vie 89078
Adamo, Salvatore Inch'allah 89079
Adamo, Salvatore La Nuit 89080
Adamo, Salvatore Mauvais Garcon 89081
Adamo, Salvatore San Toi Mamie 89082
Adamo, Salvatore Tombe La Neige 89083
Adamo, Salvatore Une Larme Aux Nuages 89084
Adamo, Salvatore Vous Permettez Monsieur 89085
Adamou, Ivi La La Love 45417?
Adams, Ben Sorry 93528
Adams, Bryan (Everything I Do) I Do It For You 53765?
Adams, Bryan 18 Till I Die 95078
Adams, Bryan Back To You 91755
Adams, Bryan Best Of Me 92291
Adams, Bryan Can't Stop This Thing We Started 90169
Adams, Bryan Cloud No 9 92127
Adams, Bryan Cuts Like A Knife 95256
Adams, Bryan Do I Have To Say The Words 55424?
Adams, Bryan East Side Story 60487
Adams, Bryan Flying 95911
Adams, Bryan Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman 55425?
Adams, Bryan Heaven 96281
Adams, Bryan Here I Am 96188
Adams, Bryan I'll Always Be Right There 94715
Adams, Bryan Inside Out 92145
Adams, Bryan It's Only Love 94704
Adams, Bryan Let's Make A Night To Remember 60137?
Adams, Bryan On A Day Like Today 91892
Adams, Bryan Please Forgive Me 60136?
Adams, Bryan Run To You 96256
Adams, Bryan Straight From The Heart 95868
Adams, Bryan Summer Of '69 90189
Adams, Bryan The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me 95018
Adams, Bryan There Will Never Be Another Tonight 94763
Adams, Bryan This Time I'm In It For Love 96097
Adams, Bryan Thought I'd Died & Gone To Heaven 94831
Adams, Bryan & Stewart, Rod & Sting All For Love (к-ф «Мушкетёры») 54007
Adams, Oleta Get Here 95782
Adamski Killer 95692
Adele Chasing Pavements 53330?
Adele Cold Shoulder 54690?
Adele Crazy For You 49631
Adele Daydreamer 52644
Adele Don't You Remember 53331
Adele He Won't Go 48576?
Adele Hello 56817
Adele Hiding My Heart 50176
Adele Hometown Glory 53069
Adele If It Hadn't Been For Love 51256?
Adele I'll Be Waiting 48577
Adele Lovesong 48229
Adele Make You Feel My Love 55547?
Adele My Same 48801
Adele One And Only 48583
Adele Promise This 50408
Adele Rolling In The Deep 47214?
Adele Set Fire To The Rain 46933
Adele Skyfall (к-ф 007: Координаты «Скайфолл») 46749?
Adele Someone Like You 47860
Adele Tired 52154
Adler, Bruce Arabian Nights (м-ф «Аладдин») 54412
Adventures of Stevie V Dirty Cash 96609
Aerosmith Amazing 58451?
Aerosmith Angel 58611?
Aerosmith Baby, Please Don't Go 97182
Aerosmith Crazy 60000?
Aerosmith Cryin' 52859?
Aerosmith Dream On 54686
Aerosmith Dude (Looks Like A Lady) 95961
Aerosmith Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) 58452?
Aerosmith Fly Away From Here 97198
Aerosmith I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (к-ф «Армагеддон») 53067?
Aerosmith Jaded 97171
Aerosmith Janie's Got A Gun 97137
Aerosmith Last Child 97175
Aerosmith Livin' On The Edge 97140
Aerosmith Love In An Elevator 95109
Aerosmith Pink 53531?
Aerosmith Sweet Emotion 95842
Aerosmith & Run DMC Walk This Way 97206
Afric Simone Hafanana 57005?
Afroman Because I Got High 92751
Agnes Love Love Love 50028
Agnes Release Me 55175?
Aguilera, Christina Ain't No Other Man 53759?
Aguilera, Christina Back To Basics 97221
Aguilera, Christina Beautiful 53074?
Aguilera, Christina Blank Page 50439
Aguilera, Christina Blessed 97216
Aguilera, Christina Bound To You (к-ф «Бурлеск») 47418?
Aguilera, Christina Candyman 58072?
Aguilera, Christina Can't Hold Us Down 93156
Aguilera, Christina Come On Over 92525
Aguilera, Christina Contigo En La Distancia 54914
Aguilera, Christina Cruz 52362?
Aguilera, Christina Cuando No Es Contigo 90147
Aguilera, Christina Dirrty 43703
Aguilera, Christina Dynamite 94874
Aguilera, Christina El Beso Del Final 43927
Aguilera, Christina Express (к-ф «Бурлеск») 44650
Aguilera, Christina Falsas Esperanzas 90893
Aguilera, Christina Fighter 56444?
Aguilera, Christina Genie In A Bottle 92228
Aguilera, Christina Genio Atrapado 90973
Aguilera, Christina Guy What Takes His Time (к-ф «Бурлеск») 47523
Aguilera, Christina Hurt 41691
Aguilera, Christina I Turn To You 92447
Aguilera, Christina I'm Ok 44897
Aguilera, Christina Impossible 97220
Aguilera, Christina Infatuation 47741?
Aguilera, Christina Keeps Gettin' Better 94848
Aguilera, Christina Lady Marmalade 92683
Aguilera, Christina Love Will Find A Way 97218
Aguilera, Christina Mercy On Me 47419?
Aguilera, Christina Nasty Naughty Boy 46216?
Aguilera, Christina Not Myself Tonight 43210
Aguilera, Christina Obvious 52670?
Aguilera, Christina Oh Mother 41695
Aguilera, Christina Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti 91237
Aguilera, Christina Por Siempre Tu 91270
Aguilera, Christina Reflection (м-ф «Мулан») 43199
Aguilera, Christina Save Me From Myself 55736
Aguilera, Christina Si No Te Hubiera Conocido 91365
Aguilera, Christina Slow Down Baby 44219?
Aguilera, Christina So Emotional 97217
Aguilera, Christina Soar 47185?
Aguilera, Christina Somebody's Somebody 97215
Aguilera, Christina Something's Got A Hold On Me (к-ф «Бурлеск») 50801?
Aguilera, Christina The Christmas Song 49308?
Aguilera, Christina The Voice Within 53092?
Aguilera, Christina Tough Lover (к-ф «Бурлеск») 56982
Aguilera, Christina Una Mujer 91936
Aguilera, Christina Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tu) 92009
Aguilera, Christina Walk Away 50074?
Aguilera, Christina We Remain (к-ф «Голодные игры: И вспыхнет пламя») 55999
Aguilera, Christina We're A Miracle 97214
Aguilera, Christina What A Girl Wants 92335
Aguilera, Christina You Lost Me 44167?
Aguilera, Christina Your Body 46936?
Aguilera, Christina & Elliott, Missy Car Wash 93408
Aguilera, Christina & Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger 49343?
Aguilera, Christina & Martin, Ricky Nobody Wants To Be Lonely 44054
Aguilera, Christina & P. Diddy Tell Me 58073?
A-Ha Analogue 93636
A-Ha Cry Wolf 96802
A-Ha Crying In The Rain 43682
A-Ha Foot Of The Mountain 45881?
A-Ha Forever Not Yours 44426
A-Ha Hunting High & Low 95337
A-Ha Lifelines 58529
A-Ha Summer Moved On 50362?
A-Ha Take On Me 56940?
A-Ha The Living Daylights 97222
A-Ha The Sun Always Shines On T.V. 56941?
A-Ha Touchy 96354
A-Ha Velvet 56377?
Aiken, Clay When You Say You Love Me 46389
Ainsley Keep Me A Secret 93055
Air All I Need 96194
Air Supply All Out Of Love 90182
Air Supply Even The Nights Are Better 97223
Air Supply Every Woman In The World 97227
Air Supply Goodbye 45134
Air Supply Here I Am 97228
Air Supply Lost In Love 97226
Air Supply Making Love Out Of Nothing At All 97224
Air Supply The One That You Love 97225
Aisha What For 43346
Akcent Kylie 47420
Akon Angel 49875
Akon Bananza (Belly Dancer) 58436?
Akon Belly Dancer (Bananza) 94499
Akon Don't Matter 93876
Akon I Can't Wait 46308
Akon Locked Up 93472
Akon Lonely 58437?
Akon Pot Of Gold 46335
Akon Right Now (Na Na Na) 54221
Akon Sorry, Blame It On Me 93946
Akon We Don't Care 94283
Akon & Eminem Smack That 55164
Akon & Guetta, David Sexy B*tch 42683
Akon & Kardinal Offishall & Colby O'Donis Beautiful 94216
Akon & Snoop Dogg I Wanna Love You 97230
Al Bano E' la Mia Vita 89065
Al Bano Gloria 56826
Al Bano Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) 89004
Al Bano & Romina Power Angeli  
Al Bano & Romina Power Ci Sara 89005
Al Bano & Romina Power Domani, Domani 89006
Al Bano & Romina Power Felicita 53072?
Al Bano & Romina Power Liberta 57480
Al Bano & Romina Power Sempre, Sempre 89008
Al Bano & Romina Power Sharazan 89009
Alain Morisod & Sweet People Les Violons D'acadie 89086
Alan Parsons Project Don't Answer Me 97233
Alan Parsons Project Eye In The Sky 97232
Alan Parsons Project Games People Play 97231
Alarm 68 Guns 96365
Albert, Morris Feelings 96552
Alcazar Crying At The Discoteque 92806
Alcazar Stay The Night 45338?
Alcazar This Is The World We Live In 43885
Alda A Real Good Time 91857
Alda Girls Night Out 91948
Alessia Cara Here 58398?
Alesso & Koma, Matthew Years 60694
Alesso & Tove Lo Heroes (We Could Be) 55106
Alex C & Y-Ass Du Hast Den Schonsten Arsch 58340?
Alexia Uh La La La 45877?
Ali, Tatyana Daydreamin' 91928
Alice Una Notte Speciale 89010
Alice Cooper Ballad Of Dwight Fry 97914
Alice Cooper Be My Lover 97900
Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies 97902
Alice Cooper Dead Babies 97915
Alice Cooper Desperado 97909
Alice Cooper Elected 97905
Alice Cooper Feed My Frankenstein 96431
Alice Cooper Generation Landslide 97907
Alice Cooper Hello Hooray 97913
Alice Cooper Hey Stoopid 58626?
Alice Cooper I Love The Dead 97917
Alice Cooper I Never Cry 97910
Alice Cooper I'm Eighteen 55426?
Alice Cooper Is It My Body 97916
Alice Cooper It's Me 97898
Alice Cooper No More Mr. Nice Guy 58633?
Alice Cooper Only Women Bleed 97903
Alice Cooper Poison 56674?
Alice Cooper Raped & Freezing 97908
Alice Cooper School's Out 90609
Alice Cooper Sick Things 97912
Alice Cooper Some Folks 97911
Alice Cooper Under My Wheels 97904
Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare 97899
Alice Cooper You & Me 97906
Alice In Chains Again 97236
Alice In Chains Check My Brain 94324
Alice In Chains No Excuses 96180
Alice In Chains Rooster 96527
Alice In Chains Your Decision 94394
Alien Ant Farm Movies 92826
Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal 92759
Alisha's Attic I Am I Feel 90913
Alisha's Attic The Incidentals 91895
Alithia & Donna Uptown Top Ranking 92094
Alizee Amelie M'a Dit 46070
Alizee L'alize 44427
All 4 One I Can Love You Like That 97237
All 4 One I Swear 96783
All 4 One I Will Be Right Here 97238
All 4 One I'm Your Man 97240
All 4 One She's Got Skillz 97239
All 4 One So Much In Love 97241
All About Eve Martha's Harbour 96356
All Saints All Hooked Up 92586
All Saints Black Coffee 92556
All Saints Bootie Call 91852
All Saints Chick Fit 93825
All Saints I Know Where It's At 96312
All Saints Never Ever 91737
All Saints Pure Shores 53068?
All Saints Rock Steady 58440?
All Saints Under The Bridge 91791
All Saints War Of Nerves 91905
All Seeing Eye & Christie, Tony Walk Like A Panther 95986
All Seeing I & Oakey, Phil First Man In Space 92196
All-American Rejects Gives You Hell 94890
Allen, Lily 22 (Twenty Two) 94976
Allen, Lily Alfie 93843
Allen, Lily Back To The Start 45418?
Allen, Lily Chinese 45421
Allen, Lily Everyone's At It 51498
Allen, Lily F*ck You 48634
Allen, Lily Him 44169
Allen, Lily I Could Say 49881
Allen, Lily LDN 93758
Allen, Lily Littlest Things 93789
Allen, Lily Naive 49884
Allen, Lily Never Gonna Happen 49887
Allen, Lily Not Fair 58829?
Allen, Lily Smile 58830?
Allen, Lily The Fear 94190
Allen, Lily Who'd Have Known 94353
Almada, Nadia A Little Bit Of Action 93427
Almond, Marc A Lover Spurned 52387
Almond, Marc The Days Of Pearly Spencer 96059
Aloe Blacc I Need A Dollar 46083
Aloha From Hell Walk Away 50365
Alphabeat 10,000 Nights 94066
Alphabeat Boyfriend 94099
Alphabeat Fascination 94031
Alphaville Big In Japan 56447?
Alphaville Forever Young 52617
Alsou Before You Love Me 92677
ALT & Lost Civilisation Tequila 96000
Alter Bridge Broken Wings 57596?
Alter Bridge Find The Real 97244
Alter Bridge Open Your Eyes 97243
Altered Images Happy Birthday 91692
Aly & Aj Potential Breakup Song 47181?
Ama, Shola You're The One I Love 91709
Amazulu Too Good To Be Forgotton 91142
Amen Corner (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice 91045
Amen Corner Bend Me Shape Me 90985
America Horse With No Name 90768
Amerie 1 Thing 94461
Amerie Gotta Work 93915
Amerie One Thing 93517
Amerie Take Control 43704
Amerie Touch 93547
Amorosi, Vanessa Hazardous 94993
Amorosi, Vanessa Kiss Your Mama! 94706
Amorosi, Vanessa Perfect 94791
Amorosi, Vanessa The Simple Things (Something Emotional) 94853
Amorosi, Vanessa This Is Who I Am 94978
Amorosi, Vanessa & Hoobastank The Letter 94945
Amos, Tori A Sorta Fairytale 97254
Amos, Tori A Thousand Oceans 97253
Amos, Tori Caught A Lite Sneeze 97247
Amos, Tori Cornflake Girl 90367
Amos, Tori Crucify 97252
Amos, Tori God 97250
Amos, Tori Precious Things 97251
Amos, Tori Silent All These Years 97249
Amos, Tori Sleeps With Butterflies 97256
Amos, Tori Spark 97246
Amos, Tori Talula 97248
Amos, Tori Taxi Ride 97255
Amos, Tori Winter 44424
Anastacia Cowboys & Kisses 92636
Anastacia Defeated 60456
Anastacia Heavy On My Heart 58819?
Anastacia I Can Feel You 47859?
Anastacia I'm Outta Love 53756?
Anastacia Left Outside Alone 58091
Anastacia Love Is A Crime 51555
Anastacia Made For Lovin' You 92726
Anastacia Not That Kind 92604
Anastacia One Day In Your Life 53758?
Anastacia Paid My Dues 92786
Anastacia Pieces Of A Dream 60232
Anastacia Sick & Tired 93335
Anastacia Welcome To My Truth 93396
Anastacia Why'd You Lie To Me 55176?
Anastacia & Ben Moody Everything Burns 44950
Anastacia & Ramazzotti, Eros I Belong To You (Il Ritmo Della Passione) 60433
Anastacia & Sonny From P.O.D. I Do 53195
Anders, Thomas A Very Special Feeling 51781?
Anders, Thomas Have I Told You Lately 49442
Anders, Thomas Make You 51802
Anders, Thomas Stay With Me (Piano Mix 2015) 58845
Anders, Thomas Why Do You Cry 53861
Anderson, Angry Suddenly 95694
Anderson, Laurie Oh Superman 91225
Anderson, Lynn Rose Garden 90340
Andre Without Your Love 43487
Andre, Peter Kiss The Girl 91844
Andre, Peter Mysterious Girl 90924
Andrea True Connection More More More 92504
Andrews, Chris Yesterday Man 90684
Andrews, Julie My Favourite Things 96648
Andrews, Julie The Lonely Goatherd 96656
Andrews, Michael & Jules, Gary Mad World 93234
Androids Do It With Madonna 93092
Ane Brun & Avener To Let Myself Go 58385
Angels & Airwaves Everything's Magic 53206
Anggun Echo (You And I) 45368?
Anggun I'll Be Alright 47079?
Anggun Saviour 58382
Angus & Stone, Julia And The Boys 95013
Animals Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 90700
Animals House Of The Rising Sun 55165
Animals It's My Life 91398
Animals We Gotta Get Out Of This Place 91297
Animotion Obsession 90560
Anise K & Snoop Dogg & Bella Blue Walking On Air 58126
Anka, Paul Dance On Little Girl 97262
Anka, Paul Diana 90722
Anka, Paul Don't Ever Leave Me 41702
Anka, Paul Having My Baby 97265
Anka, Paul It's My Life 49799
Anka, Paul It's Time To Cry 97263
Anka, Paul Let Me Get To Know You 41731
Anka, Paul Lonely Boy 90729
Anka, Paul My Home Town 97264
Anka, Paul My Way 97267
Anka, Paul No Goodbyes 40602
Anka, Paul Papa 53022?
Anka, Paul Puppy Love 97259
Anka, Paul Put Your Head On My Shoulder 97260
Anka, Paul Times Of Your Life 97266
Anka, Paul You Are My Destiny 97261
Anmary Beautiful Song 45431?
Ann Sophie Black Smoke 58510?
Anna Naklab & Alle Farben & Younotus Supergirl 56822?
Annie Chewing Gum 93377
Another Level Be Alone No More 91782
Another Level Bomb Diggy 92226
Another Level Freak Me 91848
Another Level From The Heart 92089
Another Level I Want You For Myself 91977
Ant, Adam Ant Music 91571
Ant, Adam Goody Two Shoes 91670
Ant, Adam Prince Charming 91656
Ant, Adam Stand & Deliver 91567
Anthony, Marc Barco A La Deriva 97273
Anthony, Marc Celos 97271
Anthony, Marc Dimelo (I Need To Know) 97274
Anthony, Marc El Triste 60178
Anthony, Marc How Could I 53872
Anthony, Marc I Need To Know 92521
Anthony, Marc I Need You 97281
Anthony, Marc I've Got You 97282
Anthony, Marc Muy Dentro De Mi (You Sang To Me) 97275
Anthony, Marc My Baby You 97280
Anthony, Marc She Mends Me 48842?
Anthony, Marc Si Te Vas 97277
Anthony, Marc Te Amare 97276
Anthony, Marc The Mexican 2002 97284
Anthony, Marc Tragedy 97283
Anthony, Marc Viviendo 97272
Anthony, Marc When I Dream At Night 97279
Anthony, Marc Yo Te Confieso 94467
Anthony, Marc You Sang To Me 54944?
Anthony, Marс & Pitbull Rain Over Me 49204
Antonacci, Biagio Pazzo Di Lei 52183?
Antonacci, Biagio Quanto Tempo E Ancora 52223
Antonia Fame 90137
Antonia & Tom Boxer Shake It Mamma 56747
Apache Indian Boom Shack-A-Lak (к-ф «Тупой и ещё тупее 2») 54613?
Apollo 440 Heart Go Boom 92284
Appleby, Kim Don't Worry 91675
Appleton Don't Worry 93052
Appleton Fantasy 92941
Aqua Around The World 92428
Aqua Barbie Girl 52129
Aqua Candy Man 91778
Aqua Cartoon Heroes 92399
Aqua Doctor Jones 91760
Aqua Good Morning Sunshine 91951
Aqua Heat Of The Night 91854
Aqua My Oh My 91827
Aqua Roses Are Red 46137
Aqua Turn Back Time 91796
Aqualung Good Times Gonna Come 93004
Aqualung Strange And Beautiful 92986
Arabesque Midnight Dancer 56802
Arash Boro Boro 43903
Arash Tike Tike Kardi 43889
Arcade Fire No Cars Go 93916
Archer, Tasmin Sleeping Satellite 90057
Archies Sugar Sugar 90642
Arctic Monkeys 505 58870?
Arctic Monkeys Baby I'm Yours 58380
Arctic Monkeys Brainstorm 56952?
Arctic Monkeys Crying Lightning 55669?
Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know 57927?
Arctic Monkeys Fluorescent Adolescent 58066?
Arctic Monkeys I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor 57829?
Arctic Monkeys Old Yellow Bricks 54527
Arctic Monkeys R U Mine 58142?
Arctic Monkeys Teddy Picker 57856?
Arctic Monkeys When The Sun Goes Down 56953
Arctic Monkeys Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High 57246?
Ardis Ain't Nobody's Business 53332
Arena, Tina Chains 90398
Arena, Tina If I Was A River 97286
Arena, Tina Show Me Heaven 97285
Arena, Tina Symphony Of Life 96058
Arena, Tina Whistle Down The Wind 91841
Argent Hold Your Head Up 90611
Arisa La Notte 56362?
Armatrading, Joan Drop The Pilot 96047
Armatrading, Joan Love And Affection 96583
Armstrong, Louis A Kiss To Build A Dream On 97287
Armstrong, Louis Cabaret 51601
Armstrong, Louis Go Down Moses 56984?
Armstrong, Louis Hello, Brother 58856
Armstrong, Louis Hello, Dolly! 56423
Armstrong, Louis We Have All The Time In The World 96030
Armstrong, Louis What A Wonderful World 90782
Army of Lovers Crucified 52490?
Army of Lovers Let The Sunshine In 57731?
Army of Lovers Obsession 57572?
Arnold, Eddy Make The World Go Away 91412
AronChupa I'm An Albatraoz 55074
Arrested Development Mr. Wendel 90760
Arrested Development People Everyday 96007
Arrington, Steve Dancin' In The Key Of Life 91021
Arrows Hot Hot Hot 90418
Artful Dodger Movin' Too Fast 92400
Artful Dodger Re-Wind (When The Crowd Say Bo-Selecta) 92370
Artful Dodger Woman Trouble 92478
Artful Dodger & Lifford Please Don't Turn Me On 92598
Arthur, James Impossible 60159?
Arthur, James Recovery 54581
Ash Candy 92744
Ash Life Less Ordinary 91727
Ash Orpheus 95817
Ash Sometimes 92722
Ash Star Crossed 93334
Ashanti Baby 97289
Ashanti Don't Let Them 93519
Ashanti Dreams 97290
Ashanti Foolish 92924
Ashanti Happy 92990
Ashanti Only U 94411
Ashanti Rain On Me 97292
Ashanti Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) 97291
Ashanti The Way That I Love You 47861
Ashcroft, Richard A Song For The Lovers 92431
Ashcroft, Richard Break The Night With Colour 93646
Ashcroft, Richard C'mon People 92526
Ashcroft, Richard Money To Burn 92482
Ashford & Simpson Solid 90159
Ashley, Mark & Systems in Blue Gimme Gimme Money 57224
Ashley, Mark & Systems in Blue Give A Little Sweet Love 57659
Ashton, Gardner & Dyke Resurrection Shuffle 91350
Asia Heat Of The Moment 97293
Asia Only Time Will Tell 97294
Asia Cruise Selfish 48231
Askey, Arthur The Bee Song (Busy Bee) 96596
Asnavour, Charles She 91150
Astaire, Fred Cheek To Cheek 97297
Astaire, Fred Let's Call The Whole Thing Off 97296
Astaire, Fred Puttin' On The Ritz 97295
Astley, Rick Cry For Help 48848?
Astley, Rick Never Gonna Give You Up 97299
Astley, Rick Take Me To Your Heart 44390
Astley, Rick The Ones You Love 97300
Astley, Rick Together Forever 97298
Astley, Rick Together Forever 43593
Astley, Rick Whenever You Need Somebody 91654
Aswad Don't Turn Around 95163
Aswad Shine 90381
ATB Killer 92434
ATC Around The World ( La La La La La) 92953
ATC Set Me Free 45894
A-Teens Mama Mia 53071?
A-Teens Super Trouper 46646?
A-Teens Upside Down 43678
Athlete El Salvador 96659
Athlete Half Light 93508
Athlete Hurricane 93917
Athlete Tourist 93572
Athlete Wires 93463
Athlete You Got The Style 96720
Atkins, Chet I Still Write Your Name In The Snow 97301
Atlantic Starr Always 95179
Atomic Kitten Be With You 93017
Atomic Kitten Cradle 93453
Atomic Kitten Eternal Flame 92693
Atomic Kitten If You Come To Me 93189
Atomic Kitten It's Ok 92881
Atomic Kitten Ladies Night 93221
Atomic Kitten Love Doesn't Have To Hurt 93066
Atomic Kitten Someone Like Me 93278
Atomic Kitten The Last Goodbye 93008
Atomic Kitten Tide Is High 92929
Atomic Kitten Whole Again 92633
Atomic Kitten You Are 92756
Attraction Perfect Fairground 90220
Audioslave Be Yourself 97303
Audioslave Cochise 96014
Audioslave Doesn't Remind Me 97305
Audioslave Like A Stone 97302
Audioslave Out Of Exile 97306
Audioslave Your Time Has Come 97304
Autograph Turn Up The Radio 97307
Automatic Monster 93719
Automatic Raoul 93812
Automatic Recover 96283
Avalon, Frankie Venus 95043
Avelon, Natalia & Valo, Ville Summer Wine 53862
Avener & Kadebostany Castle In The Snow 55270
Avener & Killdeer, Phoebe Fade Out Lines 58235
Avenged Sevenfold A Little Piece Of Heaven 53880
Avenged Sevenfold Afterlife 53743
Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare 54359
Aventura Angelito 60458?
Aventura Cuando Volveras 57691?
Aventura Obsesion 54812
Avicii Addicted To You 52878
Avicii Hey Brother 52186?
Avicii The Nights 55075
Avicii Waiting For Love 56538?
Avicii & Al Fakir, Salem You Make Me 60616?
Avicii & Aloe Blacc Wake Me Up 51557
Awolnation Burn It Down 56000
Awolnation Sail 57255
Axwell & Ingrosso Something New 54587
Ayo Down On My Knees 50436
Aysel & Arash Always 41408
Azalea, Iggy & Ora, Rita Black Widow 54605
Azalea, Iggy & Spears, Britney Pretty Girls 55733?
Aznavour, Charles Desormais 89087
Aznavour, Charles Formidable 89088
Aznavour, Charles Hier Encore 89089
Aznavour, Charles La Mamma 89090
Aznavour, Charles Les Plaisirs Demodes 89091
Aznavour, Charles Plus Bleu Que Tes Yeux 89092
Aznavour, Charles Une Vie D'amour 52800
Aztec Camera Somewhere In My Heart 92043