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Исполнитель Песня Номер
C&C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat 97665
C&C Music Factory Things That Make You Go Hmmm 96430
C.C.Catch Are You Man Enough 51452?
C.C.Catch 'Cause You Are Young 53656?
C.C.Catch Heaven And Hell 54720
C.C.Catch Jump In My Car 56003
C.C.Catch Strangers By Night 54602?
Caballe, Montserrat & Mercury, Freddy Barcelona 95931
Cabrel, Francis C'est ecrit 89119
Cabrel, Francis Quand J'aime Une Fois, J'aime Pour Toujours 89120
Cafferty, John Hearts On Fire 96182
Cage The Elephant Ain't No Rest For The Wicked 94080
Caillat, Colbie Bubbly 94764
Caillat, Colbie Fallin' For You 94318
Caillat, Colbie Realize 94798
Caillat, Colbie & Mraz, Jason Lucky 49202
Cake I Will Survive 42732
Caldwell, Bobby What You Won't Do For Love (к-ф «Донни Браско») 56946?
Callaway, Liz Journey To The Past (м-ф «Анастасия») 54963
Callaway, Liz Once Upon A December (м-ф «Анастасия») 43429
Calle 13 Atrevete-te-te! 58208
Callea, Anthony Hurts So Bad 94462
Callea, Anthony Live For Love 94612
Callea, Anthony The Prayer 95951
Calleja, Kurt This Is The Night 45457?
Calling Adrienne 92980
Calling Could It Be Any Harder 93036
Calling Our Lives 93330
Calling These Are The Days 93034
Calling Wherever You Will Go 55673?
Calloway, Cab Minnie The Moocher 95203
Cameo She's Strange 91012
Campaign How 'Bout Us 91606
Campbell, Ali That Look In Your Eye 90588
Campbell, Glen Galveston 91534
Campbell, Glen Gentle On My Mind 96319
Campbell, Glen Honey Come Back 91532
Campbell, Glen Rhinestone Cowboy 90775
Campbell, Glen Witchita Lineman 91525
Candice Alley Before You Go 94656
Canned Heat Let's Work Together 91343
Canned Heat On The Road Again 91055
Cannon, Freddie Way Down Yonder In New Orleans 90968
Cantrell, Blu Make Me Wanna Scream 93210
Cantrell, Blu & Paul, Sean Breathe 93144
Capella U Got To Let The Music 90550
Capital Cities Safe And Sound 51579
Caprice Oh Yeah 92169
Capristo, Mandy The Way I Like It 51795
Captain & Tennille Love Will Keep Us Together 92404
Captain Jack Captain Jack 58676?
Captain Sensible Happy Talk 95282
Cara, Irene Flashdance 90230
Cardigans Erase/Rewind 92030
Cardigans My Favourite Game 55429?
Cardigans & Jones, Tom Burning Down The House 92275
Carey, Mariah After Tonight 43833
Carey, Mariah Against All Odds 92517
Carey, Mariah All I Want For Christmas Is You 54000?
Carey, Mariah All In Your Mind 95488
Carey, Mariah Almost Home 51706
Carey, Mariah Always Be My Baby 97671
Carey, Mariah Angels Cry 44900?
Carey, Mariah Anytime You Need A Friend 97676
Carey, Mariah Boy (I Need You) 93072
Carey, Mariah Butterfly 97673
Carey, Mariah Bye Bye 96560
Carey, Mariah Can't Let Go 97674
Carey, Mariah Can't Take That Away 97682
Carey, Mariah Don't Forget About Us 93610
Carey, Mariah Dreamlover 96111
Carey, Mariah Emotions 58983?
Carey, Mariah Fantasy 97679
Carey, Mariah Fly Like A Bird 52920?
Carey, Mariah Forever 97677
Carey, Mariah H.A.T.E.U. 44182
Carey, Mariah Hero 53309
Carey, Mariah I Don't Wanna Cry 97670
Carey, Mariah I Still Believe 97681
Carey, Mariah I Want To Know What Love Is 94367
Carey, Mariah Infinity 56722
Carey, Mariah It's Like That 93496
Carey, Mariah Looking In 97668
Carey, Mariah Love Takes Time 97684
Carey, Mariah Loverboy 92702
Carey, Mariah Make It Happen 97675
Carey, Mariah Melt Away 46784?
Carey, Mariah Mine Again 97686
Carey, Mariah Music box 44686?
Carey, Mariah My All 54955
Carey, Mariah Never Forget You 97680
Carey, Mariah Never Too Far 92788
Carey, Mariah Nowhere To Go 97685
Carey, Mariah Obsessed 94289
Carey, Mariah Oh Santa! 44656
Carey, Mariah Reflections (Care Enough) 60637
Carey, Mariah Shake It Off 93587
Carey, Mariah Someday 95466
Carey, Mariah Thank God I Found You 92302
Carey, Mariah The One 97683
Carey, Mariah Through The Rain 93000
Carey, Mariah Touch My Body 94039
Carey, Mariah Underneath The Stars 97669
Carey, Mariah Vision Of Love 97667
Carey, Mariah We Belong Together 94453
Carey, Mariah Without You 56924?
Carey, Mariah You Need Me 95472
Carey, Mariah & Boyz II Men One Sweet Day 92464
Carey, Mariah & Busta Rhymes I Know What You Want 52842
Carey, Mariah & Houston, Whitney When You Believe 54012
Carey, Mariah & Jay-Z Heartbreaker 92218
Carey, Mariah & Snoop Dogg & Pharrell Say Something 93706
Carey, Mariah & Vandross, Luther Endless Love 90368
Carla's Dreams Sub Pielea Mea #Eroina 58470
Carlile, Brandi The Story 46469?
Carlisle, Belinda (We Want) The Same Thing 91677
Carlisle, Belinda Circles In The Sand 91137
Carlisle, Belinda Heaven Is A Place On Earth 90171
Carlisle, Belinda Leave A Light On 95987
Carlisle, Belinda Live Your Life Be Free 96578
Carlisle, Belinda Summer Rain 95720
Carlton, Vanessa A Thousand Miles 92949
Carlton, Vanessa Ordinary Day 93013
Carmel More More More 95445
Carnes, Kim Bette Davis Eyes 90863
Carol Bayer Sager Moving Out Today 96208
Carosone, Renato Tu Voi Fare L'Americano 89013
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Almost Home 97709
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Come On Come On 97703
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Down At The Twist & Shout 97690
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Flesh & Blood 97708
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Going Out Tonight 97696
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Grow Old With Me 97704
Carpenter, Mary Chapin He Thinks He'Ll Keep Her 97698
Carpenter, Mary Chapin House Of Cards 97702
Carpenter, Mary Chapin I Feel Lucky 97689
Carpenter, Mary Chapin I Take My Chances 97692
Carpenter, Mary Chapin I Want To Be Your Girlfriend 97710
Carpenter, Mary Chapin John Doe No. 24 97694
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Let Me Into Your Heart 97714
Carpenter, Mary Chapin My Dear Old Friend 97707
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Not Too Much To Ask 97699
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Only A Dream 97705
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Passionate Kisses 97688
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Right Now 97700
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Shut Up & Kiss Me 97693
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Simple Life 97712
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Stones In The Road 97706
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Tender When I Want To Be 97695
Carpenter, Mary Chapin The Bug 97691
Carpenter, Mary Chapin The Hard Way 97697
Carpenter, Mary Chapin This Is Me Leaving You 97713
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Wherever You Are 97711
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Why Walk When You Can Fly 97701
Carpenters Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft 91161
Carpenters Close To You 90321
Carpenters For All We Know 97718
Carpenters Goodbye To Love 97725
Carpenters Hurting Each Other 97722
Carpenters I Won't Last A Day Without You 97726
Carpenters It's Going To Take Some Time 97721
Carpenters Jambalaya (On The Bayou) 97717
Carpenters Please Mr. Postman 97716
Carpenters Rainy Days And Mondays 92263
Carpenters Sing (Sing A Song) 97723
Carpenters Superstar 97724
Carpenters There's A Kind Of Hush 97715
Carpenters Top Of The World 90776
Carpenters Touch Me When We're Dancing 97727
Carpenters We've Only Just Begun 97719
Carpenters Yesterday Once More 97720
Carr, Vikki It Must Be Him 91280
Carr, Wes Fearless 94943
Carr, Wes Feels Like Whoa! 94914
Carr, Wes Love Is An Animal 94980
Carr, Wes You 94858
Carroll, Dina Ain't No Man 95473
Carroll, Dina So Close 96049
Carroll, Dina Without Love 92144
Carroll, Ronie Roses Are Red 90994
Carrot, Jasper Funky Moped / Magic Roundabout 91424
Cars Drive 91589
Cars My Best Friends Girl 95151
Cartana, Alex Hey Papi 93312
Carter, Aaron Aaron's Party Come And Get It 95039
Carter, Aaron Bounce 95040
Carter, Aaron How I Beat Shaq 95134
Carter, Aaron I Want Candy 97728
Carter, Aaron I'm All About You 97729
Carter, Clarence Patches 91535
Carter, Deana Absence Of The Heart 98006
Carter, Deana Once Upon A December 97734
Carter, Deana Strawberry Wine 97730
Carter, Deana There's No Limit 97733
Carter, Deana We Danced Anyway 97732
Carter, Deana You Still Shake Me 97731
Carter, Nick Help Me 53768
Carter, Nick I'm Taking Off 60435
Carter, Nick Love Can't Wait 60425?
Carter, Nick So Far Away 60638
Cartoons Doo Dah 92081
Cartoons Witch Doctor 92039
Casal, Luz Historia De Un Amor 45717
Cascada Because The Night 49967?
Cascada Evacuate The Dancefloor 58439?
Cascada Everytime We Touch 43680
Cascada Fever 95032
Cascada Glorious 50935?
Cascada Last Christmas 60221?
Cascada Miracle 58800?
Cascada Pyromania 49093
Cascada San Francisco 46087?
Cascada What Hurts The Most 93989
Cascades Rhythm Of The Rain 95081
Cash, Johnny 25 Minutes To Go 95729
Cash, Johnny A Boy Named Sue 96136
Cash, Johnny A Thing Called Love 95550
Cash, Johnny Big River 95750
Cash, Johnny Folsom Prison Blues 96223
Cash, Johnny Hurt 55707
Cash, Johnny I Walk The Line 96377
Cash, Johnny One Piece At A Time 95334
Cash, Johnny Ring Of Fire 55706?
Cash, Johnny San Quentin 55927
Casinos, The Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye 99854
Cassar-Daley, Troy I Love This Place 95034
Cassidy, David How Can I Be Sure 90834
Cassidy, David The Last Kiss 95602
Cassidy, Eva Blues In The Night 49377?
Cassidy, Eva Fever 97735
Cassidy, Eva Fields Of Gold 95851
Cassidy, Eva I Know You By Heart 49809?
Cassidy, Eva Imagine 97736
Cassidy, Eva Over The Rainbow 95185
Cassidy, Eva Songbird 95201
Cassidy, Eva Tennessee Waltz 97737
Cast Walk Away 95748
Casuals Jesamine 91052
Cat Empire No Longer There 94701
Cat Empire Sly 94449
Catatonia Dead From The Waist Down 92031
Catatonia Karaoke Queen 92084
Catatonia Londinium 92140
Catatonia Mulder & Scully 91761
Catatonia Road Rage 91805
Catatonia Stone By Stone 92724
Catatonia Strange Glue 91869
Cazzette & Terri B! Blind Heart 55737?
Cee-Lo Green Bright Lights Bigger City 51013
Cee-Lo Green Forget You 48066
Celentano, Adriano 24 Mila Baci 45098?
Celentano, Adriano Amore No  
Celentano, Adriano Ancora Vivo 51502?
Celentano, Adriano Angel 42778
Celentano, Adriano Apri Il Cuore 56503?
Celentano, Adriano Azzurro 42712
Celentano, Adriano Confessa 40399
Celentano, Adriano Hai Bucato La Mia Vita 46183
Celentano, Adriano Il Problema Piu Importante 57498?
Celentano, Adriano Il Tempo Se Ne Va  
Celentano, Adriano Ja Tebia Liubliu  
Celentano, Adriano Lago Rosso 43763
Celentano, Adriano L'arcobaleno 60420
Celentano, Adriano Non E 58678?
Celentano, Adriano Pay, Pay, Pay 47924?
Celentano, Adriano Per Averti 52944?
Celentano, Adriano Preghero 42912
Celentano, Adriano Proibito 56373
Celentano, Adriano Quello Che Non Ti Ho Detto Mai 58344
Celentano, Adriano Se Tu Mi Tenti 52943?
Celentano, Adriano Sei Rimasta Sola 58865?
Celentano, Adriano Soli 58512?
Celentano, Adriano Susana 89014
Celentano, Adriano Ti Penso E Cambia Il Mondo 53466?
Cetera, Peter Hard To Say I'm Sorry 95156
Cetera, Peter The Glory Of Love 95121
Cezar It's My Life 50942
Chainsmokers & Daya Don't Let Me Down 58693
Chairman of the Board Give Me Just A Little More Time 91320
Chairman of the Board You Got Me Dangling On a String 91321
Chambers, Kasey Nothing At All 94579
Chambers, Kasey Rattlin' Bones 94783
Chandler, Gene Duke Of Earl 89291
Chandler, Gene Get Down 91550
Change A Lover's Holiday 96142
Chanie & Nevergreen In A Moment Like This 43219
Channel, Bruce Hey Baby 91268
Channel, Bruce Keep On 91494
Chapin, Harry Cat's In The Cradle 95441
Chapman, Tracy Fast Car 95741
Charlatans The Only One I Know 95988
Charlebois, Robert Cartier 89121
Charlebois, Robert Cauchemar 89122
Charlebois, Robert Ch'us D'dans 89123
Charlebois, Robert Conception 89124
Charlebois, Robert Je Reve A Rio 89125
Charlebois, Robert Je Reviendrai A Montreal 89126
Charlebois, Robert J't'aime Comme Un Fou 89127
Charlebois, Robert Les Talons Hauts 89128
Charlebois, Robert Mon Ami Fidel 89129
Charlebois, Robert Ordinaire 89130
Charlebois, Robert Punch Creole 89131
Charlebois, Robert The Frog Song 89132
Charles & Eddie Would I Lie To You 90805
Charles, Ray A Song For You 55249
Charles, Ray America The Beautiful 97748
Charles, Ray Busted 97752
Charles, Ray Cryin' Time 97747
Charles, Ray Georgia On My Mind 54918?
Charles, Ray Hallelujah I Love Her So 53868
Charles, Ray Here We Go Again 97754
Charles, Ray Hit The Road Jack 52843?
Charles, Ray I Can't Stop Loving You 97751
Charles, Ray I Got A Woman 97745
Charles, Ray Mess Around 57481
Charles, Ray Say No More 47471
Charles, Ray Shake A Tail Feather 97755
Charles, Ray Unchain My Heart 97746
Charles, Ray What'd I Say 97753
Charles, Ray You Don't Know Me 97756
Charles, Ray & Joel, Billy Baby Grand 95414
Charles, Ray & John, Elton Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 49427
Charles, Tina Dr. Love 91464
Charles, Tina I Love To Love 91065
Charli XCX Boom Clap 54785
Chas & Dave Gertcha 96144
Chas & Dave Snooker Loopy 95530
Chas & Dave The Sideboard Song 96661
Cheat Codes & Kris Kross Amsterdam Sex 58866
Checker, Chubby Let's Twist Again 56947?
Checker, Chubby Limbo Rock 97758
Checker, Chubby Pony Time 97757
Checker, Chubby The Hucklebuck 97759
Checker, Chubby The Twist 90672
Cheeky Girls Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) 93009
Cheeky Girls Hooray Hooray (It's A Cheeky Holiday) 93134
Chef Chocolate Salty Balls (Ps I Love You) 91947
Chemical Brothers The Salmon Dance 55365
Chemical Brothers & Q-Tip Galvanize 58131?
Cher All Or Nothing 55708?
Cher Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 55167
Cher Believe 53534?
Cher Dark Lady 97761
Cher Dove L'Amore 92248
Cher For The Lonely 97769
Cher Gypsies Tramps And Thieves 92173
Cher Half Breed 97762
Cher Heart Of Stone 97767
Cher I Found Someone 97760
Cher If I Could Turn Back Time 90884
Cher Just Like Jesse James 91680
Cher Love & Understanding 97766
Cher Love Hurts 97765
Cher One By One 90516
Cher Song For The Lonely 92853
Cher Star Spangled Banner 97768
Cher Strong Enough 55929?
Cher The Music's No Good Without You 56430?
Cher The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) 58636?
Cher The Way Of Love 56426
Cher Walking In Memphis 55674?
Cher Welcome To Burlesque (к-ф «Бурлеск») 47275
Cher Woman's World 56518
Cher Working Girl 97763
Cher You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me 47091
Cher & Cetera, Peter After All 97770
Cher & Ramazzotti, Еros Piu Che Puoi 51790?
Cherry, Eagle-Eye Save Tonight 56197
Cherry, Neneh Woman 90912
Cherry, Neneh & N'Dour, Youssou 7 Seconds 52382?
Chevalier, Maurice Paris Je T'aime D'amour 89133
Chevalier, Maurice Sous Les Ponts De Paris 89134
Chic Dance Dance Dance (Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah) 91544
Chic Le Freak 91547
CHIC & Rodgers, Nile I'll Be There 57669
Chicago 25 Or 6 To 4 97776
Chicago Along Comes A Woman 97778
Chicago Baby What A Big Surprise 97779
Chicago Beginnings 97775
Chicago Colour My World 97773
Chicago Does Anybody Really Know What Time It 97774
Chicago Here In My Heart 97772
Chicago I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love 97780
Chicago If You Leave Me Now 97783
Chicago I'm A Man 97782
Chicago Look Away 97771
Chicago Question 67 & 68 97781
Chicago Saturday In The Park 97777
Chicago The Only One 97784
Chicago You're The Inspiration 92345
Chicane & Adams, Bryan Don't Give Up 92397
Chicken Shed Theatre Co I Am In Love With The World 91753
Chico Chico Time 93675
Chicory Tip Son Of My Father 90833
Chieftains & Corrs I Know My Love 92058
Chiffons, The Sweet Talkin' Guy 96732
Child, Jane Don't Wanna Fall In Love 95672
Chi-Lites Have You Seen Her 91086
Chi-Lites Homely Girl 91363
Chi-Lites Oh Girl 96046
Chi-Lites You Don't Have To Go 91452
Chilli We Are The Pop Kings 58228
Chilly Secret Lies 60153?
China Black Searching 90136
China Crisis Wishful Thinking 95050
Chipmunk Diamond Rings 94281
Chipmunk Oopsy Daisy 94330
Chipmunk & Talay Riley Look For Me 94373
Chordettes Lollipop 96764
Christian, Dennie Rosamunde 57228
Christians Harvest For The World 91226
Christians Ideal World 90889
Christie Yellow River 90628
Christie, Lou Lightnin' Strikes 91399
Christie, Tony Avenues And Alleyways 95923
Christie, Tony Happy Birthday Baby 49447?
Christie, Tony I Did What I Did For Maria 90831
Christie, Tony Is This The Way To Amarillo 91352
Christie, Tony Las Vegas 91354
Christie, Tony Merry Christmas Everyone 93605
Christmas Frosty The Snowman 90462
Christmas Jingle Bells  
Christmas Little Drummer Boy 90448
Christmas Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 90451
Christopher S. & Max Urban One Day 49883
Christy, Lauren Magazine 97787
Christy, Lauren The Color Of The Night (к-ф «Цвет ночи») 53316?
Chumbawamba Amnesia 91757
Chumbawamba Top Of The World 91820
Chumbawamba Tubthumping 97789
Church, Charlotte Call My Name 93551
Church, Charlotte Crazy Chick 93524
Church, Charlotte Moodswings 93660
Ciara Get Up 97790
Ciara Like A Boy 43433
Ciara Like A Surgeon 44164?
Ciara Promise 97791
Ciara Work 94961
Ciara & 50 Cent Can't Leave 'Em Alone 46515
Ciara & Elliott, Missy 1,2 Step 94425
Ciara & Iglesias, Enrique Takin' Back My Love 57922?
Ciara & Pablo, Petey Goodies 93477
Ciara & Timberlake, Justin Love, Sex, Magic 94240
Cilmi, Gabriella Don't Want To Go To Bed Now 94814
Cilmi, Gabriella On A Mission 95026
Cilmi, Gabriella Save The Lies (Good To Me) 94092
Cilmi, Gabriella Sweet About Me 42915
Cinderella Coming Home 55472?
Cinema Bizarre Lovesongs (They Kill Me) 52536
Clapton, Eric After Midnight 97800
Clapton, Eric Anything For Your Love 97817
Clapton, Eric Before You Accuse Me 58255
Clapton, Eric Behind The Mask 96100
Clapton, Eric Blue Eyes Blue 97805
Clapton, Eric Blues Power 95595
Clapton, Eric Change The World 56679?
Clapton, Eric Cocaine 90022
Clapton, Eric Crossroads 97808
Clapton, Eric Don't Think Twice, It's Alright 97822
Clapton, Eric Forever Man 97807
Clapton, Eric Have You Ever Loved A Woman 97818
Clapton, Eric I Get Lost 97825
Clapton, Eric I Shot The Sheriff 97794
Clapton, Eric If I Had Possesion Over Judgement Day 97810
Clapton, Eric I'm Tore Down 97798
Clapton, Eric It's In The Way That You Use It 97809
Clapton, Eric I've Got A Rock & Roll Heart 97806
Clapton, Eric Lay Down Sally 97793
Clapton, Eric Layla 97811
Clapton, Eric Layla 43574
Clapton, Eric Let It Grow 97820
Clapton, Eric Let It Rain 97804
Clapton, Eric Lonely Stranger 97814
Clapton, Eric Miss You 97816
Clapton, Eric Motherless Children 96453
Clapton, Eric My Father's Eyes 97801
Clapton, Eric No Alibis 97823
Clapton, Eric Old Love 49791
Clapton, Eric Only You & I Know 97821
Clapton, Eric Outside Woman Blues 97813
Clapton, Eric Pilgrim 97824
Clapton, Eric Pretending 49793?
Clapton, Eric Promises 97803
Clapton, Eric Running On Faith 97797
Clapton, Eric She's Gone 97802
Clapton, Eric Swalber 97815
Clapton, Eric Tales Of Brave Ulysses 97812
Clapton, Eric Tears In Heaven 54919
Clapton, Eric When You Got A Good Friend 97826
Clapton, Eric Why Does Love Got To Be So Bad 97819
Clapton, Eric Willie & The Hand Jive 97792
Clapton, Eric Wonderful Tonight 56925?
Clapton, Eric & B.B. King Riding With The King 97827
Clapton, Eric & Sting It's Probably Me (к-ф «Смертельное оружие 3») 55444?
Clare, Alex Too Close 45497
Clark, Petula Don't Sleep In The Subway 97828
Clark, Petula Downtown 91394
Clark, Petula I Could'nt Live Without Your Love 95577
Clark, Petula I Know A Place 97831
Clark, Petula My Love 97829
Clark, Petula Sailor 91114
Clark, Petula Sign Of The Times 97830
Clark, Petula This Is My Song 90786
Clarkson, Kelly A Moment Like This 47158?
Clarkson, Kelly Already Gone 58249?
Clarkson, Kelly Anytime 43084
Clarkson, Kelly Because Of You 53324?
Clarkson, Kelly Before Your Love 58094?
Clarkson, Kelly Behind These Hazel Eyes 58827?
Clarkson, Kelly Breakaway 93701
Clarkson, Kelly Catch My Breath 54716
Clarkson, Kelly Dark Side 46155
Clarkson, Kelly Don't Rush 55272?
Clarkson, Kelly Don't Waste Your Time 94752
Clarkson, Kelly I Do Not Hook Up 94247
Clarkson, Kelly If No One Will Listen 51265?
Clarkson, Kelly Maybe 46156
Clarkson, Kelly Miss Independent 95768
Clarkson, Kelly Mr. Know It All 49797
Clarkson, Kelly My Life Would Suck Without You 94199
Clarkson, Kelly Never Again 93891
Clarkson, Kelly One Minute 94714
Clarkson, Kelly People Like Us 50030
Clarkson, Kelly Since U Been Gone 93527
Clarkson, Kelly Stronger 45197
Clarkson, Kelly Trouble With Love Is 93217
Clarkson, Kelly Walk Away 93677
Clash Guns Of Brixton 96665
Clash I Fought The Law 95770
Clash London Calling 95115
Clash Rock The Casbah 90485
Clash Should I Stay Or Should I Go 90223
Clash Train in Vain (Stand by Me) 96368
Clean Bandit & Glynne, Jess Rather Be 53572
Cleopatra I Want You Back 91880
Cleopatra Life Ain't Easy 91832
Cliff, Jimmy Wonderful World Beautiful People 95891
Cline, Patsy Back In Baby's Arms 96056
Cline, Patsy Crazy 90199
Cline, Patsy I Fall To Pieces 95212
Cline, Patsy Shes Got You 95251
Cline, Patsy Sweet Dreams 95939
Clock Blame It On The Boogie 91944
Clooney, Rosemary Mambo Italiano 91384
Clooney, Rosemary This Ole House 91383
Coast to Coast Do The Hucklebuck 95416
Cochran, Eddie C'mon Everybody 92075
Cochran, Eddie Somethin' Else 92071
Cochran, Eddie Summertime Blues 89292
Cochran, Eddie Three Steps To Heaven 90568
Cochran, Eddie Twenty Flight Rock 95200
Cocker, Joe Bye Bye Blackbird 97842
Cocker, Joe Delta Lady 91048
Cocker, Joe Feelin' Alright 97837
Cocker, Joe Fever 58335?
Cocker, Joe Fire It Up 50565?
Cocker, Joe Have A Little Faith In Me 97836
Cocker, Joe High Time We Went 97832
Cocker, Joe I Believe 97843
Cocker, Joe I Put A Spell On You 49810
Cocker, Joe I Who Have Nothing 50137
Cocker, Joe Let The Healing Begin 90372
Cocker, Joe My Father's Son 43577
Cocker, Joe N'oubliez Jamais 43578
Cocker, Joe She Believes In Me 50566?
Cocker, Joe She Came In Through The Bathroom Windo 97840
Cocker, Joe Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 44504
Cocker, Joe Summer In The City 90287
Cocker, Joe The Letter 97838
Cocker, Joe The Simple Things 90383
Cocker, Joe Unchain My Heart 54940?
Cocker, Joe When The Night Comes 97839
Cocker, Joe With A Little Help From My Friends 97835
Cocker, Joe Woman To Woman 97833
Cocker, Joe You Are So Beautiful 50567
Cocker, Joe You Can Leave Your Hat On 53077?
Cocker, Joe & Warnes, Jennifer Up Where We Belong 91650
Cockerel Chorus Nice One Cyril 95300
Cockney Rebel Make Me Smile 90530
Cogan, Alma Dreamboat 90954
Cohen, Leonard Dance Me To The End Of Love 60417
Coldplay A Sky Full Of Stars 54585
Coldplay Adventure Of A Lifetime 57671?
Coldplay Charlie Brown 50012?
Coldplay Clocks 56680?
Coldplay Don't Panic 57851?
Coldplay Everglow 58100
Coldplay Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall 54588
Coldplay Fix You 55709?
Coldplay God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 57852?
Coldplay Green Eyes 46611
Coldplay In My Place 56427?
Coldplay Lost! 56435?
Coldplay Paradise 49375
Coldplay See You Soon 50077
Coldplay Speed Of Sound 57840
Coldplay Talk 58068
Coldplay The Hardest Part 58069?
Coldplay The Scientist 54014?
Coldplay Trouble 58070
Coldplay Violet Hill 54011?
Coldplay Viva La Vida 52852?
Coldplay What If 50331
Coldplay Yellow 55717?
Coldplay & Beyonce Hymn For The Weekend 57493?
Cole, Chery & Will.I.Am 3 Words 94361
Cole, Cheryl Call My Name 45705
Cole, Cheryl Fight For This Love 94328
Cole, Cheryl Parachute 94392
Cole, Cheryl Promise This 50438?
Cole, Keyshia & Puff Daddy Last Night 60537
Cole, Nat King Answer Me, My Love 97849
Cole, Nat King Don't Get Around Much Anymore 97852
Cole, Nat King Embraceable You 97876
Cole, Nat King Fascination 97851
Cole, Nat King For Sentimental Reasons 97854
Cole, Nat King I'm In The Mood For Love 97848
Cole, Nat King I'm Through With Love 97861
Cole, Nat King It's Only A Paper Moon 97844
Cole, Nat King Let There Be Love 91404
Cole, Nat King L-O-V-E 58620
Cole, Nat King Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 97850
Cole, Nat King Lover Come Back To Me 97847
Cole, Nat King Mona Lisa 97864
Cole, Nat King My Baby Just Cares For Me 97862
Cole, Nat King Pretend 97855
Cole, Nat King Ramblin' Rose 97853
Cole, Nat King Route 66 97846
Cole, Nat King Straighten Up & Fly Right 97860
Cole, Nat King This Is All I Ask 97856
Cole, Nat King Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer 97845
Cole, Nat King Unforgettable 97858
Cole, Nat King Walkin' My Baby Back Home 97857
Cole, Nat King When I Fall In Love 96345
Cole, Nat King You Stepped Out Of A Dream 97863
Cole, Natalie A Smile Like Yours 97868
Cole, Natalie Angel On My Shoulder 97871
Cole, Natalie I'm Beginning To See The Light 97875
Cole, Natalie Inseparable 97865
Cole, Natalie I've Got Love On My Mind 97869
Cole, Natalie Miss You Like Crazy 95155
Cole, Natalie Mr. Melody 97879
Cole, Natalie Orange Colored Sky 97874
Cole, Natalie Our Love 97867
Cole, Natalie Pink Cadillac 91620
Cole, Natalie Route 66 97872
Cole, Natalie Snowfall On The Sahara 97870
Cole, Natalie Take A Look 97866
Cole, Natalie The Very Thought Of You 97873
Cole, Natalie This Will Be 97878
Cole, Natalie Unforgettable 97877
Cole, Natalie Wild Women Do 90026
Cole, Natalie & Charles, Ray Fever 49429
Cole, Paula I Don't Want To Wait 95615
Collins, Edwyn A Girl Like You 90431
Collins, Phil A Groovy Kind Of Love 96361
Collins, Phil Against All Odds 97888
Collins, Phil Another Day In Paradise  
Collins, Phil Both Sides Of The Story 97883
Collins, Phil Can't Stop Loving You 97890
Collins, Phil Can't Turn Back The Years 97882
Collins, Phil Dance Into The Light 97884
Collins, Phil Don't Lose My Number 95721
Collins, Phil Everyday 97881
Collins, Phil I Don't Care Anymore 97889
Collins, Phil I Missed Again 97887
Collins, Phil I Wish It Would Rain 90097
Collins, Phil In The Air Tonight 55430?
Collins, Phil It's In Your Eyes 97880
Collins, Phil No Way Out 44948
Collins, Phil One More Night 95436
Collins, Phil Something Happened On The Way To Heave 97886
Collins, Phil Sussudio 96078
Collins, Phil True Colors 97885
Collins, Phil Two Hearts 95168
Collins, Phil You Can't Hurry Love 90473
Collins, Phil You'll Be In My Heart 97891
Collins, Phil & Bailey, Phil Easy Lover 95446
Color Me Badd All 4 Love 97895
Color Me Badd Choose 97892
Color Me Badd I Adore Mi Amor 97894
Color Me Badd I Wanna Sex You Up 90162
Color Me Badd Remember When 97896
Color Me Badd The Earth Sun Rain 97893
Colourfield Thinking Of You 96538
Coltrane, Chi Thunder & Lightning 97897
Comic Relief (Barry) Islands In The Stream 94229
Commitments Mustang Sally 90130
Commodores Easy 90267
Commodores Lady 95529
Commodores Three Times A Lady 95738
Common & Legend, John Glory 55246?
Communards Don't Leave Me This Way 92207
Como, Perry And I Love You So 91163
Como, Perry Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes 90953
Como, Perry It's Impossible 91159
Como, Perry Kewpie Doll 92439
Como, Perry Killing Me Softly 45721
Como, Perry Magic Moments 92415
Como, Perry Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 60298
Como, Perry Scenes From An Italian Restaurant 92271
Como, Perry Silver Bells 60247?
Compact Disco Sound Of Our Hearts 45437?
Connells '74 - '75 54922?
Connick, Harry Jr. It Had To Be You 95422
Connick, Harry Jr. Recipe For Love 96391
Connor, Sarah Bounce 58613?
Connor, Sarah From Sarah With Love 49009?
Connor, Sarah I Just Started Being Bad 45468?
Connor, Sarah Living To Love You 51483
Connor, Sarah Skin On Skin 56411?
Connor, Sarah & Natural Just One Last Dance 57730
Conrad & Kygo Firestone 55660
Cook da Books Your Eyes (к-ф «Бум») 57010
Cook, David Billie Jean 44381
Cook, David Permanent 48308
Cooke, Sam Twistin' The Night Away 95863
Coolidge, Rita I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love 90210
Coolio 1 2 3 4 (Sumpin' New) 90735
Coolio Gangsta's Paradise 56712?
Coolio Too Hot 90522
Coral Dreaming Of You 95831
Cornell, Chris Part Of Me 44433
Cornell, Chris You Know My Name (к-ф «Казино Рояль») 55431?
Cornershop Brimful Of Asha 91773
Corona Rhythm Of The Night 90134
Corona The Rhythm Of The Night 56920?
Corona Try Me Out 90404
Corr, Ida & Fedde Le Grand Let Me Think About It 93945
Corrs All The Love In The World 97920
Corrs Angel 93374
Corrs Breathless 92509
Corrs Dreams 91839
Corrs Give Me A Reason 92621
Corrs How Do You Want Me To Love You 97921
Corrs I Never Loved You Anyway 91764
Corrs Irresistible 92568
Corrs Long Night 93423
Corrs On My Father's Wings 97919
Corrs One Night 92653
Corrs Radio 92277
Corrs Runaway 91960
Corrs So Young 91916
Corrs Summer Sunshine 93313
Corrs The Right Time 97918
Corrs What Can I Do 91875
Corrs Would You Be Happier 92749
Corrs & Bono When The Stars Go Blue 97922
Costello, Elvis A Good Year For The Roses 91576
Costello, Elvis Accidents Will Happen 97926
Costello, Elvis Alison 97923
Costello, Elvis Everyday I Write The Book 97925
Costello, Elvis I Can't Stand Up (For Falling Down) 96593
Costello, Elvis Oliver's Army 97934
Costello, Elvis Peace Love & Understanding 97929
Costello, Elvis Pump It Up 97932
Costello, Elvis Radio Radio 97928
Costello, Elvis Red Shoes 97931
Costello, Elvis She 56455
Costello, Elvis Toledo 97927
Costello, Elvis Veronica 97924
Costello, Elvis Watching The Detectives 97930
Counting Crows A Long December 97943
Counting Crows Accidentally In Love 97942
Counting Crows American Girls 97940
Counting Crows Angels Of The Silences 97937
Counting Crows Big Yellow Taxi 93089
Counting Crows Colorblind 58501
Counting Crows Daylight Fading 97938
Counting Crows Hanginaround 97939
Counting Crows Mr. Jones 95527
Counting Crows Rain King 97936
Counting Crows Round Here 97935
Counting Crows She Don't Want Nobody Near 97941
Cowley, Arthur Sweet Soul Music 91094
Cox, Deborah Absolutely Not 97951
Cox, Deborah It's Over Now 97948
Cox, Deborah Nobody's Supposed To Be Here 97947
Cox, Deborah Sentimental 97944
Cox, Deborah Sound Of My Tears 97949
Cox, Deborah Things Just Ain't The Same 97950
Cox, Deborah We Can't Be Friends 97952
Cox, Deborah Where Do We Go From Here 97946
Cox, Deborah Who Do U Love 97945
Cox, Michael Angela Jones 91242
Cranberries Analyse 97957
Cranberries Animal Instinct 47524?
Cranberries Dreams 97955
Cranberries Free To Decide 97956
Cranberries Linger 90284
Cranberries Ode To My Family 97954
Cranberries Promises 92032
Cranberries Salvation 90903
Cranberries When You're Gone 97953
Cranberries Zombie 53298?
Crash Test Dummies Afternoons & Coffee Spoons 96187
Crash Test Dummies Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm 90286
Craven, Beverley Promise Me 90799
Crawford, Randy Almaz 91236
Crawford, Randy Give Me The Night 91734
Crawford, Randy Last Night At Danceland 96809
Crawford, Randy Mad Over You 97958
Crawford, Randy One Day I'll Fly Away 91641
Crawford, Randy Rainy Night In Georgia 96520
Crawford, Randy Who's Crying Now 97959
Crawford, Randy Wild Is The Wind 55215
Crawford, Randy You Bring The Sun Out 96548
Crawford, Randy You Might Need Somebody 91655
Crazy Town Butterfly 52509?
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Fire 91049
Cream I Feel Free 95673
Creed Rain 95015
Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising 58256
Creedence Clearwater Revival Cotton Fields 97960
Creedence Clearwater Revival Down On The Corner 97962
Creedence Clearwater Revival Fortunate Son 97970
Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River 97965
Creedence Clearwater Revival Have You Ever Seen The Rain 58621
Creedence Clearwater Revival Hey Tonight 97969
Creedence Clearwater Revival I Put A Spell On You 97973
Creedence Clearwater Revival Lodi 97968
Creedence Clearwater Revival Long As I Can See The Light 97972
Creedence Clearwater Revival Lookin' Out My Back Door 97961
Creedence Clearwater Revival Midnight Special 97974
Creedence Clearwater Revival Proud Mary 58622
Creedence Clearwater Revival Run Through The Jungle 97971
Creedence Clearwater Revival Susie Q 97964
Creedence Clearwater Revival Travellin' Band 90601
Creedence Clearwater Revival Up Around The Bend 90600
Creedence Clearwater Revival Who'll Stop The Rain 97966
Crenshaw, Marshall Someday, Someway 97975
Creole, Kid & Coconuts Stool Pigeon 91658
Cribbens, Bernard Hole In The Ground 91333
Cribbens, Bernard Right Said Fred 91334
Crickets Maybe Baby 90714
Crickets Rave On 90713
Crispian St. Peters Pied Piper 91402
Crosby, Bing Count Your Blessings 97981
Crosby, Bing Deep In The Heart Of Texas 97979
Crosby, Bing Do You Hear What I Hear 96446
Crosby, Bing Don't Fence Me In 97980
Crosby, Bing Far Away Places 97978
Crosby, Bing Let Me Call You Sweetheart 97982
Crosby, Bing Pennies From Heaven 97976
Crosby, Bing Swinging On A Star 95247
Crosby, Bing White Christmas 90442
Crosby, Bing You Are My Sunshine 97977
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Marrakesh Express 95856
Cross Section Hi Heel Sneekers 96198
Crow, Sheryl A Change (Will Do You Good) 97988
Crow, Sheryl All I Wanna Do 58984?
Crow, Sheryl Anything But Down 97990
Crow, Sheryl Can't Cry Anymore 97989
Crow, Sheryl C'mon C'mon 97985
Crow, Sheryl Everyday Is A Winding Road 97991
Crow, Sheryl First Cut Is The Deepest 95805
Crow, Sheryl Good Is Good 97997
Crow, Sheryl Hard To Make A Stand 97983
Crow, Sheryl Home 97984
Crow, Sheryl If It Makes You Happy 95211
Crow, Sheryl It's So Easy 97999
Crow, Sheryl Kiss That Girl 97995
Crow, Sheryl Leaving Las Vegas 97992
Crow, Sheryl Light In Your Eyes 97996
Crow, Sheryl My Favorite Mistake 97987
Crow, Sheryl Real Gone (м-ф «Тачки») 58985?
Crow, Sheryl Run Baby Run 95172
Crow, Sheryl Soak Up The Sun 92870
Crow, Sheryl Steve Mcqueen 97986
Crow, Sheryl Strong Enough 97993
Crow, Sheryl Sweet Child O' Mine 92172
Crow, Sheryl That's My Favourite Mistake 91873
Crow, Sheryl The Difficult Kind 97994
Crow, Sheryl There Goes The Neighbourhood 91933
Crow, Sheryl Tomorrow Never Dies (к-ф «Завтра не умрёт никогда») 57842
Crow, Sheryl & Maines, Natalie Abilene 98000
Crow, Sheryl & Sting Always On Your Side 98001
Crowded House Don't Dream It's Over 90883
Crowded House Don't Stop Now 94672
Crowded House Four Seasons In One Day 96243
Crowded House Weather With You 91673
Cruise, Julee Falling 96706
Crush 40 Open Your Heart (игра «Sonic Adventure») 58853
Cruz, Taio Break Your Heart 42665
Cruz, Taio Fast Car 46960
Cruz, Taio Moving On 44949
Cryin' Shames Please Stay 95279
Crystals Da Doo Ron Ron 91257
Crystals Then He Kissed Me 91042
CSS Let's Make Love (And Listen To Death From Above) 93883
Cue Hello 46558
Cullum, Jamie Don't Stop The Music 44383
Cullum, Jamie Frontin 95812
Cullum, Jamie Get Your Way 54003?
Cullum, Jamie You And Me Are Gone 58852?
Cult, The Painted On My Heart 57186
Culture Beat Anything 90084
Culture Beat Mr. Vain 90066
Culture Club Church Of The Poison Mind 91663
Culture Club Do You Really Want To Hurt Me 90472
Culture Club I Just Wanna Be Loved 91915
Culture Club Karma Chameleon 90481
Culture Club Time 90498
Culture Club Victims 95186
Cupids Inspiration Yesterday Has Gone 90980
Cure, The Boys Don't Cry 95554
Cure, The Close To Me 95866
Cure, The Fascination Street 98002
Cure, The Friday I'm In Love 90296
Cure, The In Between Days 96763
Cure, The Love Cats 95150
Cure, The Love Song 89293
Cure, The Lullaby 96712
Cure, The Pictures Of You 98003
Curiosity Killed The Cat Down To Earth 91121
Cutting Crew I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight 90062
Cutugno, Toto Donna Mia  
Cutugno, Toto Innamorati  
Cutugno, Toto Insieme 89015
Cutugno, Toto La Mia Musica  
Cutugno, Toto L'italiano 56710?
Cutugno, Toto Se Mi Ami 49792?
Cutugno, Toto Serenata  
Cutugno, Toto Soli  
Cutugno, Toto Solo Noi 94821
Cyrus, Billy Ray Achy Breaky Heart 90044
Cyrus, Miley 7 Things 54694?
Cyrus, Miley Fly On The Wall 94879
Cyrus, Miley Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 44506?
Cyrus, Miley Ordinary Girl 45718
Cyrus, Miley Party In The U.S.A. 94313
Cyrus, Miley See You Again 94119
Cyrus, Miley Start All Over 44878
Cyrus, Miley The Climb 55432
Cyrus, Miley We Can't Stop 52216?
Cyrus, Miley Who Owns My Heart 54067
Cyrus, Miley Wrecking Ball 60631
Cyrus, Miley & Williams, Pharrell Come Get It Bae 56744?
Czerwone Gitary (Червоны гитары) Nie Zadzieraj Nosa 60995