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Исполнитель Песня Номер
F. R. David Girl 56370
F. R. David Green Eyed Taxi 51276
F. R. David Words 95236
Fabian, Lara Adagio 52626
Fabian, Lara Adagio (italian version) 53561
Fabian, Lara Aimer Deja 43932
Fabian, Lara Bambina 46508
Fabian, Lara Broken Vow 44813
Fabian, Lara Comme Ils Disent 47525
Fabian, Lara Demain N'existe Pas 44874
Fabian, Lara Dire 89175
Fabian, Lara I Am Who I Am 48465?
Fabian, Lara I Guess I Loved You 51473
Fabian, Lara I Will Love Again 53529?
Fabian, Lara Il Existe Un Endroit 89176
Fabian, Lara Immortelle 43215
Fabian, Lara I've Cried Enough 43700
Fabian, Lara J'ai Zappe 89177
Fabian, Lara Je Me Souviens 43110
Fabian, Lara Je Suis Malade 54928
Fabian, Lara Je T'aime 52850
Fabian, Lara J'y Crois Encore 43699
Fabian, Lara La Difference 89179
Fabian, Lara La Lettre 43109
Fabian, Lara Leila 89180
Fabian, Lara Love By Grace 43470
Fabian, Lara Mademoiselle Hyde 48893
Fabian, Lara Meu Grande Amor 43207
Fabian, Lara Ne Lui Parlez Plus D'elle 44014?
Fabian, Lara Parce Que Tu Pars 47160
Fabian, Lara Review My Kisses 44685
Fabian, Lara Silence 48466?
Fabian, Lara Tango 47189
Fabian, Lara The Dream Within 55089
Fabian, Lara Tout 47856
Fabian, Lara Turn Me Loose 89181
Fabian, Lara You're Not From Here 44188
Fabian, Lara Любовь уставших лебедей 54059
Fabian, Lara Мама моя 44814
Fabrizio de Andre Andrea 89018
Faces Cindy Incidentally 90605
Faces Stay With Me 91436
Factor Finalists Hero-X 94166
Faders No Sleep Tonight 93497
Fairground Attraction Find My Love 95699
Faith No More Easy 98235
Faith No More Epic 91968
Faith No More Falling To Pieces 98236
Faith No More Midlife Crisis 96452
Faith No More We Care A lot 96197
Faith, Adam How About That 91243
Faith, Adam Poor Me 91110
Faith, Adam The Time Has Come 96013
Faith, Adam What Do You Want 90704
Faith, Paloma Only Love Can Hurt Like This 58401
Faithfull, Marianne Ballad Of Lucy Jordan 92178
Faithfull, Marianne Come & Stay With Me 91392
Faithless Insomnia 91222
Faithless & Dido One Step Too Far 92877
Faker This Heart Attack 94782
Falco Jeanny 57483?
Falco Rock Me Amedeus 95557
Fall Out Boy America's Suitehearts 58817?
Fall Out Boy Beat It 56519?
Fall Out Boy Centuries 57231
Fall Out Boy Dance, Dance 52627?
Fall Out Boy Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy 58463?
Fall Out Boy I Don't Care 58092?
Fall Out Boy I'm Like A Lawyer 94745
Fall Out Boy Me And You 93950
Fall Out Boy She's My Winona 94911
Fall Out Boy The Take Over, The Breaks Over 58802?
Fall Out Boy This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race 54217?
Fall Out Boy Thnks Fr Th Mmrs 60886?
Fall Out Boy & Foxes Just One Yesterday 53972?
Fame, Georgie & Blue Flames Yeah Yeah 91178
Fame, Gerogie Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde 91046
Fancy Flames Of Love 56999
Fancy Slice Me Nice 47276?
Fanning, Bernard Wish You Well 94491
Fantasia I Believe 95875
Fantastics Something Old, Something New 95321
Farago, Johnny Etre Naturel 89182
Farago, Johnny Je T'aime, Je Te Veux 89183
Farago, Johnny Trois P'tits Coups 89184
Fardon, Don Indian Reservation 90763
Farley Jackmaster Funk Love Can't Turn Around 96577
Farlow, Chris Out Of Time 95342
Farmer, Mylene A L'ombre 51797?
Farmer, Mylene Ainsi Soit Je 58110
Farmer, Mylene Appelle Mon Numero 44894
Farmer, Mylene California 48311
Farmer, Mylene Je Te Rends Ton Amour 43765
Farmer, Mylene L'amour N'est Rien 58485
Farmer, Mylene Reveiller Le Monde 44184
Farmer, Mylene & Sting Stolen Car 57649
Farnham, John You're The Voice 90190
Farrell, Gia Hit Me Up 94634
Fast Ball The Way 91859
Fast Food Rockers The Fast Food Song 93110
Fat Cat Cinema Nothing At All 55245
Fat Larry's Band Act Like You Know 91006
Fat Larry's Band Zoom 95118
Fat Les Naughty Christmas (Goblin In The Office) 91934
Fat Les Vindaloo 91815
Fat Les 2000 Jerusalem 92507
Fatback Band Backstrokin' 91029
Fatback Band I Found Lovin' 91004
Fatboy Slim Praise You 91946
Fatboy Slim That Old Pair Of Jeans 93696
Fatboy Slim The Rockerfella Skank 91826
Faul Something New 54737
Faulkner, Newton All I Got 93967
Faulkner, Newton Dream Catch Me 93922
Faulkner, Newton I Need Something 94815
Feder & Lyse Goodbye 54572?
Feeder Buck Rogers 92620
Feeder Seven Days In The Sun 92665
Feeder Turn 92706
Feeling Fill My Little World 93702
Feeling I Thought It Was Over 94002
Feeling Join With Us 94118
Feeling Love It When You Call 93794
Feeling Never Be Lonely 93736
Feeling Rose 93831
Feeling Sewn 93662
Feeling Turn It Up 94075
Feeling Without You 94050
Feist 1234 96438
Feldman, Francois Magic Boulevard 46513
Fergie Big Girls Don't Cry 60054?
Fergie Clumsy 94718
Fergie Finally 43434
Fergie Here I Come 94756
Fergie L.A. LOVE (la la) 55836
Fergie Labels Or Love (к-ф «Секс в большом городе») 56958?
Fergie London Bridge 55206?
Fergie Mary Jane's Shoes 54610
Fergie & Ludacris Glamorous 53757?
Fergie & Q-Tip & Goonrock A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) (к-ф «Великий Гэтсби») 51958
Fergie & Slash Beautiful Dangerous 48782?
Fergie & Will.I.Am Fergalicious 53766?
Ferland, Jean-Pierre & Reno, Ginette T'es Mon Amour, T'es Ma Maitresse 89185
Ferro, Tiziano Il Regalo Piu Grande 58114
Ferro, Tiziano Ti Scattero Una Foto 56508?
Ferry, Bryan A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall 96559
Ferry, Bryan Angel Eyes 92181
Ferry, Bryan Don't Stop The Dance 55622
Ferry, Bryan Let's Stick Together 92018
Fiction Factory Feels Like Heaven 95399
Fierce Sweet Love 2K 92357
Fifth Harmony & Kid Ink Worth It 56063
Fifth Harmony & Ty Dolla Sign Work From Home 58388
Filo & Perry & Lumiere, Eric Anthem 93988
Filter Take A Picture 92394
Filter The Best Things 92456
Fine Young Cannibals Good Thing 95993
Fine Young Cannibals Johnny Come Home 96091
Finegold, Mei Same Heart 53003
Finger Eleven Paralyzer 56682?
Firm Star Trekkin' 90630
First Class Beach Baby 95064
Fisher I Will Love You 89295
Fisher, Climie Love Changes Everything 91618
Fisher, Eddie I'm Walking Behind You 91379
Fisher, Eddie Outside Of Heaven 91377
Fitzgerald, Ella A Fine Romance 98125
Fitzgerald, Ella A Tisket A Tasket 98237
Fitzgerald, Ella Cheek To Cheek 98122
Fitzgerald, Ella Crazy He Calls Me 98243
Fitzgerald, Ella Happy Talk 54980
Fitzgerald, Ella How Deep Is The Ocean 98123
Fitzgerald, Ella I Only Have Eyes For You 98241
Fitzgerald, Ella It's Alright With Me 98242
Fitzgerald, Ella I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 98124
Fitzgerald, Ella Let's Face The Music & Dance 98239
Fitzgerald, Ella My Funny Valentine 48344
Fitzgerald, Ella Putting On The Ritz 95264
Fitzgerald, Ella Sweet Georgia Brown 98238
Fitzgerald, Ella You Can Have Him 98240
Fitzgerald, Ella & Armstrong, Louis Summertime  
Five Finger Death Punch Wrong Side Of Haven 53006?
Five Satins In The Still Of The Night 95346
Five Star System Addict 95546
Flack, Roberta Feel Like Making Love 98246
Flack, Roberta Killing Me Softly (With His Song) 98244
Flack, Roberta Set The Night To Music 98248
Flack, Roberta The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 98247
Flack, Roberta You Make Me Feel Brand New 98245
Flack, Roberta & Bryson, Peabo Tonight I Celebrate My Love 91646
Flack, Roberta & Hatherway, Donny Back Together Again 91600
Fleet Foxes Mykonos 52208
Fleetwood Mac Big Love 55933?
Fleetwood Mac Don't Stop 90072
Fleetwood Mac Dreams 98253
Fleetwood Mac Everywhere 90170
Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way 90325
Fleetwood Mac Gold Dust Woman 98256
Fleetwood Mac Gypsy 98249
Fleetwood Mac Hold Me 98257
Fleetwood Mac Hypnotized 98263
Fleetwood Mac Landslide 98254
Fleetwood Mac Little Lies 92179
Fleetwood Mac Never Going Back Again 98252
Fleetwood Mac Oh Daddy 98262
Fleetwood Mac Over My Head 98255
Fleetwood Mac Peacekeeper 98265
Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon 96095
Fleetwood Mac Sara 98258
Fleetwood Mac Say You Love Me 98260
Fleetwood Mac Say You Will 98264
Fleetwood Mac Second Hand News 98261
Fleetwood Mac Silver Springs 98250
Fleetwood Mac The Chain 55691?
Fleetwood Mac You Make Loving Fun 98251
Flight of the Conchords Hiphopapotamus Vs Rhymenocerous 96664
Flight of the Conchords I'm Not Crying 96770
Flight of the Conchords Ladies Of The World 96679
Flight of the Conchords The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room) 96694
Flip & Fill & Liorenna, Kelly True Love Never Dies 92838
Flo Rida Good Feeling 49104
Flo Rida How I Feel 56804
Flo Rida Whistle 45713?
Flo Rida & Cruz, Taio Hangover 49547
Flo Rida & Guetta, David Club Can't Handle Me 47424
Flo Rida & Kesha Right Round 58453
Flo Rida & Lookas & Sage The Gemini GDFR 55739
Flo Rida & Sia Wild Ones 45185
Flo Rida & T-Pain Low 94777
Flo Rida & Will.I.Am In The Ayer 60176
Floaters Float On 91540
Flobots Handlebars 94142
Flock of Seagulls, A I Ran 95954
Flock of Seagulls, A Wishing 91691
Florence and the Machine A Kiss With A Fist 96644
Florence and the Machine Cosmic Love 58518
Florence and the Machine Delilah 57484
Florence and the Machine Lover To Lover 51792
Florence and the Machine Over The Love 58345?
Florence and the Machine Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) 94278
Florence and the Machine Shake It Out 58855?
Florence and the Machine You've Got The Love 94386
Flowerpot Men Let's Go To San Francisco 91169
Floyd, Eddie Bring It On Home To Me 91102
Fly Project Back In My Life 46653?
Fly Project La Musica 50616?
Fly Project Mandala 48038?
Fly Project Toca Toca 53141
Fogerty, John Centerfield 98267
Fogerty, John Premonition 98268
Fogerty, John Southern Streamline 98269
Fogerty, John The Old Man Down The Road 98266
Fogli, Riccardo Storie Di Tutti I Giorni  
Fontana, Wayne & Mindbenders Game Of Love 90699
Fontana, Wayne & Mindbenders Um, Um, Um 90680
Foo Fighters All Of My Life 95800
Foo Fighters Best Of You 94450
Foo Fighters Big Me 90738
Foo Fighters Breakout 92562
Foo Fighters Cheer Up Boys (You're Makeup Is Running) 94041
Foo Fighters D.O.A. 93567
Foo Fighters Everlong 96424
Foo Fighters Learn To Fly 95526
Foo Fighters Long Road To Ruin 93968
Foo Fighters Monkey Wrench 96255
Foo Fighters My Hero 96410
Foo Fighters Next Year 92600
Foo Fighters The Pretender 93923
Foo Fighters Times Like These 95713
Foo Fighters Wheels 94333
Fool's Garden Lemon Tree 57908
Ford, Emile & Checkmates What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For 90808
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Ballad Of Davy Crockett 92443
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Sixteen Tons 90938
Foreigner Blue Morning Blue Day 58263?
Foreigner Cold As Ice 98278
Foreigner Dirty White Boy 98282
Foreigner Double Vision 98279
Foreigner Feels Like The First Time 98274
Foreigner Head Games 98283
Foreigner Hot Blooded 98276
Foreigner I Don't Want To Live Without You 98272
Foreigner I Wanna Know What Love Is 90183
Foreigner Jukebox Hero 98284
Foreigner Long, Long Way From Home 98280
Foreigner Say You Will 98273
Foreigner That Was Yesterday 90305
Foreigner Until The End Of Time 98270
Foreigner Urgent 98275
Foreigner Waiting For A Girl Like You 98277
Foreigner With Heaven On Our Side 98271
Formby, George Leaning On A Lampost 92174
Formby, George When I'm Cleaning Windows 95969
Fort Minor Remember The Name 52001
Fort Minor Where'd You Go 49970
Fortunes Freedom Come, Freedom Go 95365
Fortunes Storm In The Teacup 95366
Fortunes You've Got Your Troubles 90821
Foster The People Helena Beat 51059
Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks 49640
Foundations Baby, Now That I've Found You 90791
Foundations Build Me Up Buttercup 91305
Fountains Of Wayne Stacy's Mom 93274
Four Aces Mister Sandman 96233
Four Pennies Juliet 90677
Four Preps Big Man 90928
Four Seasons December 1963 90322
Four Seasons Let's Hang On 91291
Four Tops If I Were A Carpenter 90972
Four Tops Loco In Acapulco 95983
Four Tops Reach Out I'll Be There 90813
Four Tops Walk Away Renee 95044
Four Tops When She Was My Girl 91608
Fourmost Hello Little Girl 91307
Fox S-S-S Single Bed 91562
Fox, Samantha I Only Wanna Be With You 98287
Fox, Samantha I Wanna Have Some Fun 98286
Fox, Samantha Naughty Girls Need Love Too 98285
Fox, Samantha Touch Me 90842
Fragma Toca's Miracle 92448
Fragma You Are Alive 92654
Fragma & Rubia, Maria Everytime You Need Me 92623
Francis, Connie Carolina Moon 91290
Francis, Connie Everybody's Somebody's Fool 96222
Francis, Connie Lipstick On Your Collar 96024
Francis, Connie Robot Man 91240
Francis, Connie Stupid Cupid 90927
Francis, Connie Who's Sorry Now 90207
Frangoulis, Mario Sometimes I Dream 58226
Franka, Joan You And Me 45446?
Frankee F.U.R.B (F**k You Right Back) 93314
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax 90013
Frankie Goes To Hollywood The Power Of Love 90875
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes 90845
Franklin, Aretha A Deeper Love 90551
Franklin, Aretha A Natural Woman 98288
Franklin, Aretha A Rose Is Still A Rose 98295
Franklin, Aretha Ain't No Way 98298
Franklin, Aretha Baby I Love You 96702
Franklin, Aretha Chain Of Fools 98293
Franklin, Aretha Day Dreaming 98292
Franklin, Aretha Don't Play That Song 95652
Franklin, Aretha Dr. Feelgood 98299
Franklin, Aretha Freeway Of Love 98291
Franklin, Aretha Here We Go Again 98290
Franklin, Aretha I Never Loved A Man 98300
Franklin, Aretha Respect 98297
Franklin, Aretha Rock Steady 98296
Franklin, Aretha Say A Little Prayer 90790
Franklin, Aretha Since You've Been Gone 98303
Franklin, Aretha The House That Jack Built 98302
Franklin, Aretha Think 91092
Franklin, Aretha Until You Come Back To Me 98301
Franklin, Aretha Who's Zoomin' Who 98294
Franklin, Aretha Willing To Forgive 98289
Franklin, Aretha You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman 95937
Frankmusik Confusion Girl 94286
Frantique Strut Your Funky Stuff 95467
Franz Ferdinand Can't Stop Feeling 95938
Franz Ferdinand Do You Want To 93576
Franz Ferdinand Eleanor Put Your Boots On 93735
Franz Ferdinand Matinee 93305
Franz Ferdinand Michael 93360
Franz Ferdinand No You Girls 94224
Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out 95772
Franz Ferdinand The Fallen 93627
Franz Ferdinand Ulysses 94183
Fratellis A Heady Tale 94180
Fratellis Baby Fratelli 93834
Fratellis Chelsea Dagger 93745
Fratellis Flathead 96338
Fratellis Look Out Sunshine! 94090
Fratellis Mistress Mabel 94058
Fratellis Ole Black And Blue Eyes 93900
Fratellis Whistle For The Choir 96289
Fray All At Once 93949
Fray How To Save A Life 56683?
Fray Look After You 93912
Fray Over My Head (Cable Car) 93884
Fray You Found Me 94193
Freak Power Turn On Tune In Cop Out 92466
Fred, John & His Playboy Band Judy In Disguise 90337
Freddie Pioneer 58404?
Freddie & Dreamers If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody 90579
Freddie & Dreamers I'm Telling You Now 91265
Freddie & Dreamers You Were Made For Me 90674
Free All Right Now 90239
Free Wishing Well 90612
Freez I.O.U. 95524
Freez Southern Freez 91019
French, Nikki Total Eclipse Of The Heart 90298
Frey, Glenn Party Town 95193
Frey, Glenn The Heat Is On 95082
Frey, Glenn You Belong To The City 95217
Friedman, Dean Lucky Stars 91473
Fugees Killing Me Softly 90907
Fugees No Woman No Cry 91221
Fun Boy Three Tunnel Of Love 96744
Fun Lovin' Criminals Loco 96472
Fun Lovin' Criminals Scooby Snacks 96053
Fun. & Monae, Janelle We Are Young 50029
Funboy Three & Bananarama It Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do It 91148
Funny Girl People 90120
Furtado, Nelly …on the Radio (Remember The Days) 92832
Furtado, Nelly All Good Things Come To An End 93780
Furtado, Nelly Big Hoops (Bigger The Better) 45719
Furtado, Nelly Do It 57381?
Furtado, Nelly Forca 95876
Furtado, Nelly I'm Like A Bird 52868?
Furtado, Nelly In God's Hands 93886
Furtado, Nelly Maneater 93693
Furtado, Nelly Manos Al Aire 51799
Furtado, Nelly Night Is Young 50381
Furtado, Nelly Powerless 93200
Furtado, Nelly Promiscuous 93741
Furtado, Nelly Say It Right 53073?
Furtado, Nelly Spirit Indestructible 46248
Furtado, Nelly Try 95852
Furtado, Nelly Turn Off The Light 92655
Furtado, Nelly Waiting For The Night 52198
Furtado, Nelly & Buble, Michael Quando, Quando, Quando 60682
Furtado, Nelly & Morrison, James Broken Strings 94170
Furtado, Nelly & Timbaland Promiscuous 60639?
Furtado, Nelly & Timberlake, Justin & Timbaland Give It To Me 93855
Fury, Billy Halfway To Paradise 90572
Fury, Billy I'd Never Find Another You 90575
Fury, Billy Jealousy 90662
Fury, Billy Last Night Was Made For Love 90991
Fury, Billy Like I've Never Been Gone 90820
Fury, Billy Once Upon A Dream 91393
Fury, Billy When Will You Say I Love You 90965
Fury, Billy Wondrous Place 92062
Futureheads The Beginning Of The Twist 94037